The Right Coast

March 07, 2006
Law school responses to FAIR case
By Tom Smith

Very interesting. GMU actually filed a brief in favor of military recruiting. You have got to love that.

Given the strong connection between USD and the Navy and USMC JAG Corps, not to mention the large number of Navy and Marine vetrans and active service people we have as students, it would have been quite awkward for us, I should have thought, had the case come out the other way. Then I suppose the AALS would have been telling us we could not allow JAG on campus, and we would have had either to defy the AALS or insult our many Navy and Marine students and alums.

Maybe I can learn to like the Supreme Court again.

ALTHOUSE -- could this be the dawn of an era of good prose from the high Court? Be still my heart.

DEAR DEAN: While the implications may be unclear to you, I think most people can clearly see that, in brief and not to overdress it, the Supreme Court just opened a big can of whompass on you. It just isn't much of a comeback to say "We have other arguments we did not raise -- equally likely to be utterly dismissed by the Court to be sure -- but, still, issues we did not raise." I think it is time to start getting one's arms around the fact that, barring something like a catastrophic cometary impact, JAG recruiters shall be coming to the halls of Eli in due course. But what do I know.