The Right Coast

March 29, 2006
The Israeli Election
By Mike Rappaport

David Bernstein and Ilya Somin discuss the Israeli Election results, and the fact that they don't bode well for free markets. I share their disappointment and pessimism. One thing they don't mention. In recent years, the Shinui Party has stood for free markets (and separation of church and state) in Israel. I have thought that I would probably vote for them if I could cast a ballot in Israel. Yet, somehow the party has imploded, and has gone from 15 seats to none. While the members have gone to other parties, the elimination of this party is another discouraging sign from Israel.

Update:Another interesting fact about the elections. Likud was cut down to 11 members, and the 11th person on their list: Natan Sharanksy. Unless I am misinterpreting things, he just barely kept a seat in the Knesset.

Further Update: For information about Shinui and its decline, see this very informative Wikipedia entry.