The Right Coast

February 06, 2006
Lt. James Golloday speaking at USD Law this Friday on Legal Aspects of WOT
By Tom Smith

I am happy to announce that Lt. James Golloday, an expert on legal aspects of the War on Terror, will be speaking here at USD Law School this Friday, at 12 noon, room 2B (that's the main floor) of Warren Hall (that's the main law school building).

If you are a Right Coast reader, you are invited!

Jim is an interesting guy. From 1989-91, he was an enlisted sailor in SEAL team FOUR and was deployed in Operation Just Cause (that was Panama, I believe) which is where I think he won his Bonze Star with Combat "V". Then the Navy sent him to Annapolis, and he became an officer with SEAL team FIVE out here in Coronado. He went to law school here at USD, where he picked up the top grade in quite a few courses, and asked me lots of hard questions in my Corporations class. After law school, he was a member of the DOD Criminal Investigation Task Force investigating terrorist suspects, then was Chief of International and Operational Law for the US Special Operations Command in Tampa, where he trained special operators (such as SEALs and Delta, I presume) on the legal aspects of their jobs. He was deployed in both Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. He is thus an expert with front line experience on the law of detention and prosecution of terrorist suspects. He also has extensive experience in JAG doing defense work at both the trial and appellate level.

Jim sent me some legal background stuff, for anyone who is interested. If you are, email me and I will forward it to you.

I am sure this will be an interesting talk. I hope to see lots of you there!

Pizza will almost certainly be served. I am in charge of organizing it, which is why I say "almost."