The Right Coast

February 13, 2006
Glenn, it's not 1987 anymore
By Tom Smith

Glenn, dude, somebody has to tell you. Your look is all wrong. Clark Kent glasses? Blue suit and flowery tie? This is the bigtime, Glenn. CNN. International media exposure. I am not saying you have to go the whole LA nine yards with Armani suit, black tee shirt and rectangular granny glasses. I'm not saying your hair has to look like you were trapped in a windtunnel overnight. But you might want to just lean a little bit in that direction. You represent all of us now. The era of doing your own hair is over. You look like you're using a comb. I'll have my people text your people. You are the face of the blogosphere now. You need to look like the future, not like you escaped from Wall Street in the last century. Have thought about shaving your head and a goatee? OK, you're right. That's not you. Maybe something spikier? Just think about it. That's all I'm saying. Here's a picture of me, just to give you some ideas.