The Right Coast

January 30, 2006
Gin, Vodka and so on
By Tom Smith

I did know that you keep vodka in the freezer, and gin too. I have a bottle of each in my freezer, I am somewhat embarassed to note. However, if you do this, you need to add a few drops of water to make your martini. Drops. It makes a difference. Otherwise, the drink is too thick. But my advice is, just don't do it. Martinis are like the drink stands on the marathon to hell. You have one and think, mmm, that was good, I'll have another! And the next thing you know your head is numb and you can't pronounce "continuum" and other words you are trying to use.

Wine is good. Try wine. I bought some expensive wine over the weekend, thinking it would be better than the cheaper stuff I usually buy. It was. You can read Bainbridge on wine, or just let the market do its magic and assume the more expensive the wine, the better it will be. It usually is.