The Right Coast

January 05, 2006
Can I play too?
By Tom Smith

I want to be a professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Virginia law school. I don't know much about constitutional law either. How little do I have to know to qualify?

I feel like the only guy who doesn't cheat on his taxes here. I mean I read about 30 of Sealed Case's 50 pages, and skimmed the rest, and many of them were less than riveting, I can tell you. Geez.

I have lots of opinions about things I don't know much about. For example, it is my opinion that the hyperspace drive blogged about below won't work. Why? Don't know. That's just my opinion. But if anyone called me about being on the radio about it, I would say, you know, I know absolutely nothing about hyperspace and all that jazz. Is this naive? Perhaps it is. If anyone wants my opinion on hyperspace, you need only ask. That means you Hugh.

I JUST read the radio transcript again more carefully, and I have to say I have gone from annoyance to outrage. I should not be outraged. I should just relax. But she's actually saying Bush should (maybe, sorta) be impeached. And she wrote about this in the LA Times, no less. I am just so naive. I try to be reasonably sure I know what I am talking about just on this little blog. Did I mention I also read the DOJ/OLP letter to Congress on the legal basis of the NSA program? I guess that was just a big waste of time. I want to be a professor at a law school so prestigious that I too can have opinions without knowing much of anything about the underlying law. Can conservatives do that too, or just liberals? Maybe I should check on that. Old habits die hard.