The Right Coast

January 04, 2006
Another hard question
By Tom Smith

Eugene believes he has a hard question. It is not really a hard question, of course. Of course a pregnant woman should not be able to prevent her baby from being treated for HIV because of her right of 'bodily integrity.' However, we must believe she can if she wants to, for some stupid or wicked reason, because to believe otherwise would imply that the central right of our moral universe, the right to terminate the non-lives of non-person person-like entities, aka fetuses, but certainly not babies or children, that's just propaganda, might be somehow infringed or thought badly of. And we musn't have that. Nope. If necessary, those parts of our brains that might lead us to think such thoughts should be removed, as sometimes, I gather, happens in abortions, but fortunately not to humans, for that would be awful, or maybe not; I suppose it depends on how you look at it. Maybe it's just kind of a beautiful affirmation of how much we believe in bodily integrity, or at least the integrity of some bodies, the ones that got here first. You are thinking too much, Eugene. Just relax. You got it made.