The Right Coast

January 26, 2006
All nerves about the Alito confirmation
By Tom Smith

Here's one of the dumber things I've read about the Alito vote coming up. It inspired me, however. Using our remarkable set of contacts, I decided to email "Barely" Bob, spokes-nonperson of Fetuses for Life, a not very well known anti-choice organization.

TS: So, Bob, are you nervous about the upcoming vote on Justice-presumptive Sam Alito?
Bob: I've been nervouser. In this job, you just have to learn to deal with stress. I mean, if it's not some new exercise fad, it's wondering if your life will be ended before it's properly begun. Mind you, our position is that it has begun.
TS: Of course.
Bob: Still, in all, we view it as an important vote. It won't keep some of our younger members from, ah, being disposed of. But maybe it means state laws against partial birth abortions will be upheld. As you know, we take an especially dim view of those because . . .
TS: They kill you?
Bob: Well, yes, obviously. But it's worse because you think you are finally getting your shot, and boom, kablooey, you're dead. Kind of build you up to let you down, if you see what I mean.
TS: Sort of.
Bob: Yes, it's hard to see things from our point of view. That in fact is one of our big missions, you know, walk a mile in our little feet sort of thing.
TS: I see.
Bob: Notification is signficant as well.
TS: It is?
Bob: Sure. The big effect notification has is to change behavior. If girls have to tell their parents they are getting an abortion, they are much less likely to get pregnant in the first place, or so the studies suggest.
TS: That old moral hazard thing.
Bob: Precisely. Of course, try to argue that teens can be rational about sex, and you run into a lot of skepticism.
TS: I am always impressed at how cold-bloodedly rational people can be, at least in the sense of self-interested . . .
Bob: You don't have to tell me.
TS: Any other concerns about Alito?
Bob: You mean executive power or something?
TS: Whatever
Bob: Not really. We are pretty much a one-issue organization . . .
TS: Well, good luck
Bob: Thanks much. We all need it.