The Right Coast

December 03, 2005
You hurt my feelings
By Tom Smith

This sounds like it would have been fun. I wouldn't know for sure, of course, because I didn't go. I couldn't go because I wasn't invited. But I don't care. I don't really. Some people care about that sort of thing, but not me. I checked and The Right Coast gets more hits than some of the bloggers who were invited, but who's counting? Not us. In fact, most. But we're above that sort of thing. Sure, it would have been nice to meet Mark Steyn in person. But I had lots of work to do that night, and as I said, I don't care about that sort of thing anyway. I wonder if the food really was good. Probably not. I wonder if Mark Steyn really is as witty in person as in print. Well, that doesn't really matter. Is Little Miss Attila cute? Doesn't matter. I don't care. I have so much work to do. Ah, let's see. Need another question on dividend restrictions under the Revised Model Business Corporations Act, really quite an involving area.

UPDATE: The lovely Professor Heriot tells me we were invited. So never mind.