The Right Coast

December 04, 2005
Soldiers are zombies
By Tom Smith

That's the cute premiss of the latest Hollywood horror offering. Seems offensive to me, but that's for men and women in uniform to judge.

But actually, I think the cliches of the horror genre offer promising ways to imagine the behavior the war's critics suggest, implicily or otherwise, that we take regarding the terrorists. Is there anything to be scared about? Nahhhh. I'll just take a look in the basement, it's probably nothing. Should I take the gun? No. Too much trouble. Oh darn, the flashlight's not working. Well, it will be fine. Let's go die, let's go die. Whatever you do, don't be paranoid. The world is fundamentally a safe place, and if you are nice, everybody and thing will be nice to you, including whatever is making that noise in the basement. Hellllloooooo?