The Right Coast

December 09, 2005
Polly Toynbee on Narnia movie
By Tom Smith

When you consider that without Christianity, the British would still be wearing animal skins and beating each other with clubs, this seems rather ungrateful. Still, it's good to read something that is as straightforwardly anti-Christian as this. It's useful to know who your enemies are. Christianity may get to be the first majority religion to get treated like a minority religion.

What is most astonishing and instructive is that these supposedly supremely tolerant secularists find it offensive that a private corporation is making a movie for their own commercial reasons and selling it to people who want to see it. You can tell they would just love to censor it if they could. They, or at least the icky Polly, thinks it is bad for children to be exposed to Christianity. As opposed to whatever the secular Laborites teach their kids--one shudders to think.