The Right Coast

November 20, 2005
Zarqawi is a psychopath
By Tom Smith

I seem to be in amateur psychologist mode lately, but it is not as if this is a wildly implausible claim. The evil Zaraqawi's backpedaling now that it turns out Jordanians are outraged at his blowing up of a wedding reception is (to my amateur eye) pretty classic psychopathological stuff. Psychopaths do not experience moral emotions like the rest of us. They are rather like the guy at the concert who pretends to be moved by the music, but is tone deaf and would just as soon be listening to a lawnmower. These leads them to make egregious moral faux pas from time to time, in this case, apparently, even in the strange world where there are moral and immoral suicide bombers. Unfortunately, I suspect there would be little outrage in Jordan if a Jewish wedding had been blown up in Israel (or Jordan, for that matter).

Zarqawi dead? Wouldn't that be nice.