The Right Coast

November 17, 2005
UN believable
By Tom Smith

Check this out, seriously. Just when you thought you couldn't depise the UN any more than you already do. It's not enough to send in peacekeepers who won't shoot bad guys but have no trouble sexually exploiting women and children; not enough to turn a program that is supposed to feed starving children in the biggest graft-o-rama in history, which BTW would probably have funded major WMD development had it gone on much longer. Nope. That is just so retro, so almost medieval. What is the UN doing to expand its malignant idiocy into the wacky world of the future? I know! There must be some way to really mess up the internet! To undermine its potential to promote liberty across the land! But remember, you cannot even aspire to being perfectly evil unless you combine all this with that special, sneering, and condescending attitude toward America, commerce, people who actually do shoot bad guys instead of raping the people they were sent to protect, and anyone who does not have a Swiss bank account and an Armani suit.