The Right Coast

November 25, 2005
The problem with reducing charitable deductions
By Tom Smith

Glen Reynolds gets on the bandwagon to get rid of charitable deductions. I am not so sure. If deductions were reduced, doesn't that mean the Feds would get more? I doubt taxes or spending would be decreased proportionately. At least charities, even if they are not really charitable, have to compete for contributions. I agree PBS is hardly a charity and probably not even a non-profit, but so what? At least I don't go to prison if I don't give to them. I also suspect if quasi- or pseudo- charities were not funded by deductible contributions, state provided serviced would tend to colonize the same space, and be even less accountable than 501(c)3's. Personally, I would like to see more deductions, for tuition, local wines, cable TV subscriptions, all the necessities. Yes, it would create "distortions." But at least the money would not be wasted on pork for pals.