The Right Coast

November 13, 2005
Kate Michaelman on Alito
By Tom Smith

Ho hum.

Moreover, am I wrong that Alito's dissent, which KM refers to, dealt with a law requiring a husband be notified of his wife's abortion, not that he give permission, and that the law in question also made an exception for cases involving spousal abuse? So, even if KM's personal experience were of some special weight, it would be irrelevant?

Furthermore, isn't just a little ironic that KM wants to go on about how personal abortion is? Maybe she should come up with a word that doesn't have "person" in it. Especially as technology progresses, we are going to have all kinds of persons who would be too young, old, disabled or diseased to be alive, but for technology, and someone's decision to let them live. It may be personal for the people who want to get rid of them, but it is as personal as it gets for those being gotten rid of.