The Right Coast

November 15, 2005
Justice GinsbUrg not GinsbErg
By Tom Smith

It is with a "u" -- see. Yes, I spelled it wrong below. But I spelled it right before I spelled it wrong. But then to make sure, I googled it with an "e" and got this. And jumped to the conclusion it must be "e", since I have a genius for spelling things incorrectly. Which I proved once again. I can do this with stocks, too.

But I'm not the only one. Even the Washington Post quotes it as "Ginsberg" without a [sic], although they do manage to spell it correctly outside the quotation marks.

Yet another reason to support Alito. Easy to spell. Much easier than Rehnquist, with that tricky "h". In the future, nannites will take care of all this for us.