The Right Coast

November 24, 2005
If you own a popular blog, call 1-800-FOR-VIPS
By Tom Smith

Eugene Volokh finally gets some service from Dell by identifying himself as an uber-blogger.

Maybe we should give the terrorists free Dells, then after awhile they would all go insane. "If you are a terrorist, calling to threaten to blow us up, please push 8. If you need to reach the suicide hot-line, please push 9." At which point, you will be cut off.

Gateway is supposed to be even worse. Almost every year, when we read the Gateway box-top license case in contracts, some student will raise his hand to complain bitterly about his Gateway. My theory is that they are assembled by cows.

So far, so good with my Sony Vaio, but I have never needed any service. I bought the super-duper service package, because I have four boys.

I once got such good service from Cox Internet it was uncanny. Somebody had installed Grokster on my notebook, and when I removed the spyware with Adaware, it messed up the registry file. I called Cox, and some guy there named "Max" emailed me some hack to fix it. It worked like a charm. When the same problem came up a few months later, I called back, and they said no one named Max had ever worked there, and they were not allowed to email programs to people to fix their unrelated computer problems, sensibly enough. Who was Max? Some itinerant internet angel?