The Right Coast

November 18, 2005
Guns for Gail
By Tom Smith

I see below that Gail is living a couple of doors away from a convicted rapist. I find this odd, because Gail lives in a beautifully restored, officially historically landmarked mission-style authentic California bungalow in a pricey neighborhood, as she is too modest to mention. You wouldn't think there would be a lot of rapists around.

But I think Gail needs to address the issue in a mature, sensitive manner. I have several suggestions.

First, there is this. Classic lines, reliable, point and shoot technology. When you just want to say it once.

If you wish to make a more discrete statement, consider this. This is one puppy where its bite (.40 caliber) is worse than its bark. It also comes in nice colors, appropriate for someone's with Gail's taste for lovely objects. You can get the laser sight, too. Why not. Something about the red spot on his chest says "get lost, buster" like nothing else can.

This is overdoing it. But it does the job. Don't forget the earplugs.

Glenn Reynolds would probably recommend this. Just between you and me, he's a bit of a gun snob. I think these are fine.

Then, there is the traditional approach.

Remember, shopping is half the fun!

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