The Right Coast

November 21, 2005
Fred Barnes on Vietnam in Iraq via Washington
By Tom Smith

I guess if the Democratic party's strategy is disaster for US foreign policy, slaughter of Shiites in Iraq, setting up a new terrorist state, and who knows what else, it's worth it.

But it's Bush's fault. He never should have put our country in a position where the Democrats would see opportunity in its defeat.

Oh, well. Too bad for the Iraqis. If they can make it to their boats, I guess they can come over here and open convenience stores.

The NVA and VC were a bunch of Stalinist thugs, but as far as I know they did not fantasize about setting off atomic bombs in Manhattan, or if they did, had no plans to do it. They just wanted to turn their little corner of the world into a fascist hell-hole, and succeeded quite thoroughly in that regard. Not a lot of PCs or VCRs coming out of Ho Chi Mihn City, last I checked. But at least they have good, universal medical care. Or not. Whatever. Interesting destination for the jaded traveller, at any rate.

Someone needs to tell the American left that just because some people want to overthrow their elected government, take power, slaughter their numerous enemies, and then try to impose their nightmare ideology on as much of the world as they can conquer or intimidate, that doesn't mean they're good guys.