The Right Coast

November 26, 2005
Former Canadian Defence Minister calls for better relations with ETs
By Tom Smith

This, I have to admit, caught me off guard. (via Powerline) I was not aware that the Canadians were so far ahead of us in attempts to form good relations with visiting alien civilizations, who fly here in their UFOs. I did not realize the US was working on advanced weapons to destroy these aliens. I admit to a little scepticism as to whether Canada ought to play a lead role in representing Earth, however. The ETs might get some misimpressions of humanity. They might, for example, think Earthlings are incredibly boring.

More to the point, I am sure other readers like me would like to know, is this Defence Minister guy known to be a few fries short of a happy meal? Does Canada know something we don't know, or is this just what happens if you spend too many long winter nights staring at the sky? I admit I find the whole UFO subculture sort of intriguing. It is like a post-modern version of ancient Irish beliefs in faeries. It may not tell us much about exobiology, but it does tell us something about human nature, not least human credulity.

Here's a possibility. We agree to let Canada take the lead in our relations with ETs, but in return they have to shut up about Iraq.

Just to be on the safe side, however, I say keep working on the giant ray guns. You can never tell when a really cool high tech weapon might come in handy.