The Right Coast

November 16, 2005
The Chosen People -- and I don't mean the Jews
By Tom Smith

I heard the author of this book interviewed today on XM Public Radio, and he was very interesting indeed. The book is a social history of admissions policy at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. Among many other interesting points is how much effort went into keeping Jews out.

My interview at Princeton was a disaster. Only after the interview did I notice I still had the tags on my suit. Before my interview at Georgetown, I stepped in a mound of dog poop that must have been left by a mutant St. Benard, it was so huge. I ended up applying early decision to Cornell, where I had spent the summer after my junior year in HS in a program for over-achievers.

The whole topic of college makes me queasy now. I have a 14 year old, and three more after that. I'm sure parents out there know what I mean.