The Right Coast

November 11, 2005
Ave Maria Law School controversy
By Tom Smith

This is too bad.

I just couldn't disagree more strongly with the idea of putting a Catholic law school or university out in the middle of the country somewhere, surrounded by a town of people who, for practical purposes, are going to be only Catholics. If that's what you want, you can move to Ireland. (In truth, the idea of moving to Ireland does appeal to me some, but that is another story.) "Diversity" is usually a lot of rubbish, but real diversity is a very good thing, for education and just for living.

I'm afraid Mr. Domino's may be off his nut a bit. His tray table, as they say, may not be in the full upright and locked position. He is definitely not doing anything for the proposition that it is possible to be Catholic and hip. Maybe St. John-Paul could talk to him in a vision or something.