The Right Coast

October 13, 2005
Pinter wins Nobel Prize in Literature
By Tom Smith

Do you care? I don't care. All that existential yak yak bores me to tears. It's so boring, I'd rather watch a NASCAR race, and that's saying something. British lefty moral superiority also bores me senseless. I'm glad I don't live in the UK anymore, except I do miss the ale at lunch time and the sausage and eggs, even if it is a good way to get Mad Cow. I think we should just deal with the fact that sometimes life sucks, and spare ourselves the agony of sitting through a Pinter play. Sometimes life sucks. Now you know. That wasn't so bad, was it? And it didn't take the whole evening. Now there's time to go to the pub and have 2 or 4 pints of real ale. Then it turns out, life doesn't suck so much! And we should also just deal with the fact that the British left will never like us, and the left in general will never like us, because hating America is all that is left of the left. If the enemies of America advocated enslaving women and everybody else except a few pampered scholars under a wacko medieval theocracy, the left would suddenly see their point and support them. Oh, that's right, they do. They must really miss Uncle Joe. Poor things. Nothing to do but sit around giving awards to each other.