The Right Coast

October 20, 2005
Other clauses she forgot
By Tom Smith

In addition to the Proportional Representation Clause, here some other clauses our next Associate Justice might have mentioned:

1. The Restive Commerce Clause
2. The Separation of Church and State Clause
3. The Privacy Clause
4. The Sharp Clause
5. The Equal Pay for Equal Work Clause
6. The Don't Mess With Texas Clause
7. The Frequent Flyer Clause
8. The Ladies First Clause
9. The Living Law Clause
10. The Go Along to Get Along Clause

This is all just surreal. If I were applying for a job as a Justice of the United States Supreme Court, I would let somebody who knew some constitutional law proof read my application. Wouldn't you? Don't they have people in the White House who can do that sort of thing? What is going on in there? Is there is crisis in the control tower of Spaceship America?