The Right Coast

October 19, 2005
More elitism, about Miers
By Tom Smith

Once again, academics elitists are criticizing, Miers for writing that is not stylish and lacking flair. As if this, is the the most important thing in a person who has bursted so many barriers! For many times, the practical implications of lawyering in the real world, is not about just writing but negotiating, making deals practical matters. The Suprme "Court besides needs women who are its members. This lady was president of the Bar in Texas a traditionally all male organ. So for the Supreme Court to have her would be good.

Writing and sharp legal thinking are not necessarily always the same thing. But I wonder, could some pajama clad blogger get ahold of this future Justice's LSAT's? I know, it's not really relevant. I would just like to know.

In truth, however, there are some other pretty dreadful writers on the Court. Mr. Justice Souter, for example. His problem seems to be more periods than commas, though.