The Right Coast

October 06, 2005
It's a Republican thing
By Tom Smith

This discussion is interesting. I think there is a certain cultural tendency in the Republican party, which comes and goes, toward the sort of line up and be quiet crowd. You know, the straight but nasty fraternity boys who were the villians in Animal House. The very non-libertarian Republicans. Under Reagan, conservative ideas were important; The GOP was the opposition in power. Maybe being the majority party has brought the goody-goodies and boot polishers to the fore. In any event, there is a deep cultural conflict between the spirit of the blogosphere, which is is freedom par excelence, and the there's-a-piece-of-lint-on-your-blue-blazer spirit of at least some of the republican leadership.

Not to go off on a complete tangent, but, the GOP desperately needs some new leadership, some new blood, somebody who is not a Bush or a Bush crony, almost as much as the Democrats need somebody not connected with the Clintons, but who is not a certain New England lunatic. Somebody who did not move to Texas from Whichatopsiderbunkport, but was born in Nevada or Nebraska, has a very high IQ, and thinks skull and bones is what's left if a beef critter dies in the winter snows. Or something. Maybe then some of the spirit and energy that is in the people who support the party could get past the fuddy duddies who apparently control it from the Bush Whitehouse.