The Right Coast

October 31, 2005
Alitio song contest
By Tom Smith

You think you can do better?

(to the tune of Maria, from West Side Story)

(spoken) Alito. . .
The most beautiful sound I ever heard:
Alito, Alito, Alito . . .
All the beautiful sounds of the law in a single word . .
Alito, Alito, Alito . . .
Bush just named a judge named Alito,
And suddenly I find
I'm feeling much more kind
To he!
I've just read a case by Alito,
And suddenly I've found
a jurist who is sound, Hee Hee!
Say it soft and it's school kids praying.
Say it loud and it's liberals braying!
I'll rarely stop saying Alito!
The most beautiful sound I ever heard.