The Right Coast

September 17, 2005
A new Times correction policy
By Tom Smith

The poor New York Times. Paul Krugman publishes an op-ed piece with falsehoods in it (concerning the 2000 election in Florida media sponsored "recounts") and Professor Krugman won't correct them. Well, I guess he did once, but that correction was itself incorrect. But there has not been an official, on the record, correction.

This is all rather complicated and inconvenient. I suggest that lawyer's tool, the broad disclaimer. Duh! Just print at the bottom of the op-ed page a statement along these lines.

It is the policy of the New York Times to allow our op-ed writers to make false statements, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Readers should not rely on any factual statements, claims, assertions or averments. General statements about what has happend in the past or may happen in the future should not be taken to be true.

Voila. Need for corrections eliminated.