The Right Coast

September 13, 2005
Getting rid of Holocaust Memorial Day
By Tom Smith

Here we see that some of Tony Blair's advisors want to get rid of the UK's "Holocaust Memorial Day" because it is said to make some Muslims feel excluded. It is a fair point. To balance things out, we might also want to consider establishing a day to commemorate people who kill other people for political reasons, because they hate them, or both. Especially if you throw in Africa and all of Asia, there are a lot of people out there who have engaged in genocidal killing, or quasi-genocidal killing, or at least some sort of violent hate crime. Are we to exclude them entirely from the human family? Do not they not also have feelings? How do you expect they feel on Holocaust Memorial Day, being villified and such? It's really not very fair. So if we had a, say, "Genocidal Murderers Day," we could have parades with Nazis, suicide bombers, Rwandans wielding machetes, Cambodians trodding on eyeglasses, folks dressed up in Mao jackets waving little red books, some stern Soviets, and yes, to be fair, some Colorado militia ruffians carrying Indian scalps. It could be a rather long parade. It would be downright multicultural.