The Right Coast

September 25, 2005
Awkward facts
By Tom Smith

This is troubling. Well connected Iranians are fleeing Iran, and money is moving out as well. Inside the country, the new president has spoken openly of developing nuclear weapons. It has been and still is a primary supporter of terror against the US. It is the most plausible candidate for putting a nuclear weapon in the hands of terrorists who would use it on US soil. Bush's policy appears to be to hope it all just goes away, or maybe diplomacy will take care of it.

Some awkward facts: Just because the idea of most Democrats being in charge of the GWOT is frightening, does not mean W is doing a competent job. Just because Iraq was a threat, does not mean Iran is not a worse threat. Just because we thought Iraq had WMD's and didn't, does not mean Iran does not or will not soon have, WMD's of the worst sort. Just because we can't afford a war against Iran now, doesn't mean we won't have one. Just because it would be insane for Iran to launch nuclear missiles at Israel, does not mean they would not do it, and Israel would probably retaliate against both Iran and its allies.

The Bush adminstration needs to get a grip on the Iran problem, and they show no sign of having done so.