The Right Coast

August 08, 2005
Yet another link to David Bernstein's post
By Tom Smith

If you didn't read it before in Professor Rappaport's post below, read it now. Left wing bloggers say very nasty things about conservative bloggers. But, the RC does not get mentioned. I admit, I am a little disappointed. But then, I would have been outraged to have been parodied and pilloried, so maybe it's just as well.

It does raise some (mildly) interesting questions. Is the American right hindered in a way the American left is not by having at least some manners? Call me old-fashioned, but to refer to a woman's body when insulting her views, especially to specifically feminine parts thereof, is not just beyond the pale, it's not even visible from the pale. I have referred to George Will's glasses, true, but that's different. If you affect a smarty-pants appearance, with wire rim glasses and bow-tie, then that's fair game. I suppose if Dolly Parton had a blog, maybe you could refer to some of her distinguishing characteristics, since she has thrust them upon you, so to speak, but otherwise, no, I think not, and you are due for a caning. (When asked if she felt insulted by having the large-uddered cloned sheep from Scotland named after her, Ms. Parton replied, "There's no such thing as baaaaaaaad publicity.") I admit it was very funny when that guy referred to David Gergen as a pompous mellon-head (or whatever his exact words were), but Gergen really richly deserved it, for being such an oleagenous climber and for having such a mellon-shaped head. But again, that seems different, if only because it is not sexually degrading, or "sexist," as some say.

Some of this may be a generational thing. Every once in a while something drifts up from the student culture here that just makes you wonder, is that how they talk to each other? Isn't that considered rude? But then, who knows. I just accept the fact that SoCal youth are from a different country than I, and that if I carefully respect their culture, they will not boil me in a big pot and eat me.