The Right Coast

August 11, 2005
Surveillance society
By Tom Smith

I suppose a lot of people will concerned about this, but not me. I wish there were CCTV cameras on every mile of California freeways, with AI drones watching, so they could send tickets to every miscreant in a slammed Accord or a jacked up Ford 350 who is weaving in and out of traffic. There is no constitutional right to be an asshole on the road.

The stoplights with cameras are fine with me. I even got a ticket from one, along with a picture that showed a fat, bald guy running a red light. It was hard to say which was more depressing, the $350 fine or the photo. I remember thinking, as I ran the red light, boy, that sucker is red. I wish I had seen the little warning sign. I had been waiting a long time to make a left; it was not a life threatening red light run. I would never do that. Just as I started to turn, it turned red. I deserved the ticket. I guess my Supreme Court seat is out too.

In fact, the more public surveillance there is, the less tapping of phones and email there would have to be. I would feel safer with more cameras around; it's no different from having more cops around, which I would like too.

As long as I'm on the subject, maybe if there were more cameras, people would look better. I went to the beach with the boys yesterday, and you would have thought we were at a marine mammal convention. With few exceptions, the guys had big guts and tattoos, and those just got out of Vacaville doing 5 to 10 for armed robbery shaved heads and goatees. Maybe I was at the wrong beach. And the ladies, well. Out of each one you could have made two or three babes. Yet all the children were beautiful. Something very bad happens after 30 or so. Maybe we need more cameras.