The Right Coast

August 29, 2005
Say it with cash
By Tom Smith

Here is the link to the American Red Cross. I suppose it is still the best way to help out the victims of Katrina. The Southern Baptists are said to be poised to offer a lot of help. If anyone has any good links for them, I could post them. Presumably in a state like Louisiana, which is heavily Catholic, the Church will be actively involved. Ditto for them.

I am trying to give more to charity. My accountant, for one, says I should. It's pretty bad when your accountant tells you that people in your tax bracket usually give more to charity than you do. I figure I am already paying about half my income to various charitable organizations, albeit extremely inefficient ones, to support old people, poor people, well connected corporations, and so on. But, with something like this storm, I think everyone needs to pitch in.