The Right Coast

August 19, 2005
Rafting adventure
By Tom Smith

Here are some photos of my family unit and the Cassells (dad Paul is a federal district judge in Utah, his wife and my sister is Trish Cassell, a DA in SLC) rafting on the Salmon River in Idaho. If you look at the sequence starting at number 28, you will see my lovely wife Jeanne having fun, then slipping to the edge of the raft, then in the water, then under the water. (You can just see her head under the water underneath the copyright symbol.) I am the handsome fellow on the left front (or port bow, as we river rats say) oar. First I am oblivious that she is in the water, then I see she is, then I start to move to pull her out. It was not a particularly dangerous swim as these things go, but it still scared me. If you want to know whether you love your wife, try dropping her in some raging rapids.

If you go back before 28, you can see a federal judge falling into the water, a sight many litigators will probably enjoy.