The Right Coast

August 26, 2005
Calling Things By Their True Names
By Gail Heriot

Roger Clegg does a splendid job responding to one of Ralph Neas' sillier allegations. Neas (of People for the American Way) alleges that John Roberts' opposition to "comparable worth" policy shows a callous disregard for women's rights. But John Roberts (who wrote the offending memo in the early 1980s, before the comparable worth issue had been as thoroughly discredited as it is today) didn't oppose women's rights. He opposed government wage setting. And everybody in the country had better hope he still does. I cannot imagine a more pernicious policy. A government that control wage structure controls the economy. A government that controls the economy ... well I shouldn't have to say this...if you're readng the Right Coast, I assume that I don't have to say this....