The Right Coast

August 10, 2005
By Any Means Necessary
By Gail Heriot

Tomorrow's Wall Street Journal includes this story about how a Trotskyite group calling itself BAMN (The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action ... By Any Means Necessary), with the assistance and cooperation of the Michigan Democratic Party and Board of Canvassers, is attempting to prevent the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative from reaching the ballot, despite the fact that the requisite number of valid signatures have been collected. And so far, as I have reported earlier, BAMN is winning.

You couldn't make up this stuff. Really. It's that outrageous. And I'm not kidding that this group is Trotskyite. Yet I am optimistic that the courts will intervene here. Fun is fun, but we don't want to die laughing.

BAMN claims that some of the signatures were obtained fraudulently by signature collectors who lied about the initiative's effect. Even if it were true, it should make no difference. Voters who signed the petition are responsible for their own decision to sign. Otherwise every election would be litigated to death as losing candidates argued that the "voters were lied to." But even if the law were otherwise, BAMN's claims are not credible. Do you really trust the affidavits of a group that calls itself "By Any Means Necessary"? Isn't perjury such a means?

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