The Right Coast

August 11, 2005
Bush should talk to her
By Tom Smith

I think W is handling this badly. He should just send a car to pick her up, ask her into the ranch, give her some iced tea, and let her pour her heart out. She lost her son, for Christ's sake. He should explain to her as clearly as he can, which, granted, is not very clearly at the best of times, what we are doing in Iraq. Even if she does not agree with him, she would at least like to hear that her son died trying to bring some measure of democracy and justice to a land that otherwise would be both a sinkhole of misery and a threat to the rest of the world. One of the most disgraceful things about Bill Clinton was the way he treated the parents of the soldiers killed in Somalia. Bush should show how it should be done. Let him spend 45 minutes sitting with a grieving mom. It would do both of them good. Yes, it may be politically risky. Lots of things are risky. Putting on a uniform is risky.

THIS is interesting, too, if not exactly on point.

BUT a loyal reader and former student writes to say there is more to the story. Apparently, Bush did meet with the mom, who at first was effusive in her praise of W, then changed her mind and said he was standoffish in later interviews. I don't think Bush is obliged to meet with her twice, especially if she is mischaracterizing their first meeting to the press. Oh, well.