The Right Coast

July 19, 2005
By Tom Smith

MSM sources are reporting Roberts will be W's SCOTUS pick. You would think NBC and AP would have to have a very solid source to run with this story; they quote a "senior administration official." Even so, it could be a ruse.

I must admit I would be surprized and pleased by this choice, based at least on second hand reports of Roberts's abilities and views. I do not know anything personally about him. I am not quite sure what the WHS is thinking. A Roberts nomination guarantees a big fight in the Senate, and a good chance of the nuclear (or "entirely justified as well as constitutional") option being invoked. I thought Bush wanted to avoid that. It is almost as if Bush said, just forget about the politics, who is the best judge for the job, and Roberts name came up. Not only is he a white guy; he really looks like a conservative Republican. I would love to have been there when W made the decision.