The Right Coast

July 28, 2005
Adventure tech
By Tom Smith

It's probably just one of those days (sick of Fitness 24, tired of smelling BO at the dojo, too hot to cycle, missing trees and such . . . ) but I am quickly approaching the point where I need to do something both financially and physically irresponsible. Maybe some high mountain thing. But there is also something magical about the Arctic. Great word "arctic." Anyway, this looks like totally awesome gear. Truely, one of the main reasons to travel to obscure places is the opportunity it affords to blow your stash on cool gear. Remember, it's a false economy to scrimp when your life could be at sake.

Oh. Find out about the paperwork you need for K2. But don't do it. Look at the stats. For some reason, women climbers seem almost guaranteed to die there. Some say statistical anamoly, some say curse.

Here's a good K2 story. I think this dying at high altitude stuff is so totally to be avoided, but it makes good reading. Read about the routes. When you read "400 meters of vertical or near vertical rock and ice; can be extremely cold and windy" think of climbing the side of the Empire State Building in mittens and heavy boots during the worst blizzard in NYC history, while really needing to pee.

And, to attempt to make all this relevant to the blog . . . the tech revolution is resulting in, you guessed it, adventure blogging! Two narcissistic activities are a match made if not in heaven, then in the Karakoram or the Drake Passage or the Pacific Crest Trail . . . I realize now I won't be able to make it down. Sorry, Suzie. Sorry, Mom. Please hug the kids for me. The insurance policy is in the file cabinet in the rec room, and the safety deposit box has the jewelry in it. Don't put Fang to sleep yet. He doesn't deserve it just because I dropped my ice ax. I'm not cold anymore. I just feel so . . . unfocused. The clouds are really pretty.