The Right Coast

June 11, 2005
What do the bookies know
By Tom Smith

Tyson is clearly done. Boxing won't miss him much. He apparently doesn't have the shape to do it any more. Tough deal for his many creditors.

You have got to respect boxers, even if they are crazy to do it. Boxing is like the aerobics class from hell, where if you don't keep up, you get your brains or guts pounded out. The live in their own universe of pain. It's like the aerobic hell of rowing or cycling, but every so often, someone hits you in the head or your ribs with a pipe. It must be a pretty foul gutter to think boxing is the way to crawl out of it.

You could have made a lot of money on this fight. Tyson was a 12 to 1 or so favorite. I guess he must have been working out in secret, or something. Somebody watching him train probably would have been able to tell he did not have the wind to go the distance with McBride. Maybe he really will quit now.

McBride was 271 pounds. What a monster. Something like six-five. Supposedly a good, but not a world class fighter. If he's smart, he'll get out before too much more damage gets done to his squash. He seems like a nice enough fellow. Hate to think of him drooling away his old age in some clinic.