The Right Coast

June 14, 2005
In other science news . . .
By Tom Smith

Iomega: watch out for movie industry assassins.

Ha ha to self indulgent yuppies: new, better, cheaper flat screens on the way.

Cute animals. Let's eat them.

In the future, Instapundit will use this to teach and blog at the same time. Query whether law deans will require this. Query whether law deans will still be necessary.
(Hmmmm. "Claytronics" they call it. More here.)

Important problem that needs to be addressed by 100 page, 500 footnote law review article, reaching no ultimate conclusion. My recommendation: go ahead and treat patients with what works and hit critics on the head with a big shoe.

I really want to visit the high arctic; looks like I should hurry.

But looking like John Kerry is overdoing it.

Another reason to oppose cell phone use on flights, in addition to avoiding savage in flight beatings.

In addition to wearing boxer shorts, watch porn with 2 men and 1 woman.