The Right Coast

May 12, 2005
You know you're doing something right when . . .
By Tom Smith

Daily Kos is upset. Enjoy.

Actually, I feel bad. In the interest of building bridges, pouring oil on the waters, and making sure we don't hurt anybody's feewings over saying hurtful things about the enslavement of half of Europe for half a century, which was, after all, inevitable, not that bad, necessary to make the world-historical omelette, better than Hitler at least, and maybe not the product of a first class mind, but certainly the product of a first class temperment (which is, after all, the thing, you know, temperment, that and the cut of your jib), I ofter this little morsel. Just a little Yalta memory.

What! Will no one speak up for the sainted FDR?! I call the first witness!

Besides, there was no way to know Stalin was that bad.