The Right Coast

May 09, 2005
"Omelette" and "omelet" are both okay, "omlette" isn't
By Tom Smith

The above from RC'er Gail Heriot. All I can say is, I'll try to do better. On the hopeful side, pretty soon I'll probably forget how to say omelette and start saying "egg thingy."

On the food and wine front, last night I prepared dinner for my lovey wife Jeanne for mother's day, and I must say it was a tasty success. I used a couple of recipies from the big, new Gourmet cookbook which is now out, and which has to be one of the biggest collections of great recipies ever to appear in print. Over 1000 of them, which passed one hurdle to get into Gourmet magazine in the first place, and another to get included in this "best of." I made sauteed lamb chops with a sauce of butter, cream, lemon juice, and onions, garnished with fried capers and italian parsley, and an endive, red onion and orange salad. It came out perfectly, and I served it with a very nice Merlot, which is a swell wine, Sideways notwithstanding. And I did it all without getting stressed out. OK, that last part is a lie, but if children would learn to obey their fathers instantly and with enthusiasm, there would have been no problem.

The entertainment for the evening was Sideways from Netflix, after kids were in bed. I enjoyed the movie quite a bit, even though I don't see why there should have been so much excitement over the movie. Both the male characters, Miles and Jack, are quite pathetic. I was relieved it managed to have a happy ending, or at least a hopeful one. Apparently as a result of this movie, merlot sales have plunged, as Miles, the wine loving, as yet unpublished novelist in the movie, loathes merlot. There is nothing wrong with merlot. I like merlot. It may be more accessible than some wines, but so what. I prefer a classic cab, but really, it's just something to drink, for heaven's sake. One of the things you see in the movie is people turning to wine (and in Jack's case, sex) to find something that is not in their lives. Extremely sad stuff. Make sure your glass is filled up with a great merlot.