The Right Coast

May 31, 2005
Now both their music and their politics suck (explicit lyrics)
By Tom Smith

You put up with the nasty, ranty left wing politics for the music, but what happens when the drug-addled, self-indulgent thrashers let you down? You certainly have no reason not to say so. The new Audioslave album sounds like somebody said, you may be enraged against the machine, but it takes some serious bucks to live this lifestyle, so it's time for another album, boys! Sounds like Audioslave ground this thing out under an injunction. Yes, I know, you can't personally enforce, etc. etc., and this album is an argument for why. This is what art sounds like when it's forced. Or maybe it's just what your brain looks like on drugs. And yes, I'm just assuming they're drug addled slackers, as most rockers are. It is so sad.

Speaking of down, don't listen to these guys. I have a 13 year old son, so I listen to them all the time, and I can tell you, don't do it. The worst thing is, something about their lyrics and weird, little Armenian tunes gets into your head, and will not go away. What do you want to bet these revolutionaries grew up in splendor in Los Angeles before they became professional detractors of the American way of life? What a country. Where else can you make millions singing little ditties about the fascist oppression you labor under, to the undulations of scantily clad 16 year old groupies? Their video for whichever tune it is ("why don't Presidents fight the wars/ why do we always send the poor . . . where the fuck are you?") is particularly nauseating, as well. The reason we send the poor, by the way, is because most millionaire rock stars are too busy spending their money and their brain cells to fight for their country. Why fight for your country when you can make millions running it down? You put up with Audioslave because they (used to) rock. System of a Down is just a bunch of spoiled LA weenies. Maybe Homeland Security could deport them: they could write a song: "where the fuck are we? Where the fuck are we?" In some country that won't put up with you, that's where, you losers.