The Right Coast

May 04, 2005
Jon Stewart the Phenom
By Tom Smith

Very interesting article on Jon Stewart, comedian and media darling.

I think there's a deep (or deep-ish) relationship between irony and the left. I think what happens with a lot of people is that they get to their thirties or forties, get kids, find some modicum of success in something, and then realize all that stands between them and the dark, old void is a pretty fragile civilization. Before that, you still subconsciously think someone out there is playing parent, and that if things get too far out of hand, he or she will step in, and make everyone behave. It's hard to be really ironic when you realize that's not the case. That often enough, all that stands between the nutcase terrorists and the White House is some former rugby player who's in no mood to let them get away with it. I can't remember that guy's name. Jon Stewart should come up with some good jokes about him.