The Right Coast

May 03, 2005
Culture update
By Tom Smith

I think I will say a decade of the rosary just as a kind of thank you that we don't have this kind of thing (yet anyway) here at this small, but undeniably cute Catholic university in America's most mediterranean climate. They do apparently at some Catholic universities, which is pretty shocking. I mean, really. Does this really go on at Brown and my alma mater Cornell? I suppose you're not supposed to say Alma Mater any more, either. Alma Parentis? I really have to think people will come to their senses and be embarassed about this sort of thing.

Without meaning to sound too much like a nut myself, doesn't the above referenced cultural phenomenon (which I'm sorry, I can't really bring myself to describe any more precisely than that) strike one as rather demonic? Would it be all that surprising if the participants started to drink wine, chant, and then run across the countryside pulling men and animals limb from limb? Just to be clear, I feel that would be a bad thing, even if it would be ever so empowering.