The Right Coast

May 06, 2005
Attractive women for freedom
By Tom Smith

I don't really understand this blog trend of posting digital pictures of attractive women at pro-democracy demonstrations. But anyway, here's the latest from Lebanon. I do think there is some kind of sociological indicator at work. Or maybe it's just another excuse to post pictures of women on the internet. Or maybe there's some kind of evolutionary psych explanation. In any event, I don't think it's good news for all the democracy will never work in whatever hell you happen to be talking about nay sayers.

Sometimes I wonder, could the 21st century be as good as the 20th was bad? Could the era of the unbelievably stupid and evil (Let's get rid of property! Let's kill all the Jews/landowners/people who can read/people not as black as we are/people who actually know how to farm) but believed-by-intellectuals ideologies, actually be coming to an end? If that's what beauties going to demonstrations for freedom means, then post away.