The Right Coast

April 19, 2005
The wailing and gnashing of teeth begin
By Tom Smith

That didn't take long. I predicted if Ratzinger was elected pope, great would be the wailing and gnashing, but I am surprized at how quickly and how loudly the wailing and gnashing has come. Here is the hysterical Andrew Sullivan. Here's a roundup with lots of interesting stuff.

Steve Bainbridge responds to Sullivan, pretty persuasively if you ask me. Personally, I think Andrew has some ego issues. He reminds me of that sort of man who cheats on his wife, and wants to tell her about it so she can forgive him. He just wants to have it all. The thing is, Catholic doctrine is really quite clear that engaging in homosexual activity is wrong, a sin, bad-and-you-shouldn't-do-it. Most people who were commited homosexuals would just say, well, I guess I'm not going to be a Catholic then, or say, I'm going to be a Catholic as best I can, but I'm going to dissent from that. Just as the majority of Catholics in Ireland, for Pete's sake, use birth control. But not Andrew. He insists that the whole institution just reverse course to accomodate him, and that it is a historical catastophe if it does not. Everyone has to agree that Andrew Sullivan is not doing wrong, or else they are not allowed to have a church, or at least not a big one with lots of cool outfits, music, and history. Andrew should start his own church and declare himself Pope Andrew I, that way he could pontificate in the style he aspires to. In fact, from now on I think I will refer to him as Pope Andrew I. He could do that decadent Borgia pope thing pretty well, I bet. Sex for everyone and not a sin in sight! Hard to beat that. Hey I know! He could sell indulgences via PayPal at his website. That way all of us could be free of sin and his website would be even more remunerative. Seriously, somebody should tell Andrew it's a religion. It's not supposed to make his life easier. Well, anyway, God may not be done with Andrew, but I am.

Even Daily Kos, no font of moderation, seems taken aback at the cries of Nazi! to Ratzinger's election. (Ratzinger became a member of the Hitler Youth in 1941 at the age of 14 , after membership became compulsory, and between the ages of 14 and 18 was one of Germany's boy soldiers, manning (boying?) an AA gun outside a BMW factory until he deserted in 1944. He says he never actually fired his gun.) Kos should consider that when your allies start to embarass you, you might be in a bad place.

Catholic-haters should take note. It is now officially open season on Catholics for a while. So, if you're ABC, you can make fun of cardinal's outfits. If you're not a Catholic hater, this is your chance to let the "liberals" disenchant you of any remaining illusions you may have that they deserve the name. When my mom was growing up in Boise, Idaho in the 1930's, the Klan used to burn crosses on the front lawns of Catholics (very few blacks and Jews to pick on in Boise, I guess). It hasn't been that long. It's just good ol' fashioned Catholic hating. A long, proud tradition in this land of ours. Nothing to get upset about.

Curt Jester is, uh, pretty stoked.

Here's the text of the unbeliveably radical, right wing, reactionary and just generally awful talk Cardinal Ratzinger gave before the conclave. Be sure to sit down or your head might explode with the Christianity of it all. Just shocking. I mean, did they have to pick a pope who is so, so, religious?

Here is a hate pimple about to pop.

This is better. And this.

Interesting 1999 review of Ratzinger's career. Critical, but ends up making me like him more.


Big roundup.