The Right Coast

April 12, 2005
Title 9
By Tom Smith

The New York Times thinks it's a bad idea, so you know it's probably good. Everybody is in favor of women's sports. That's not the point. The point is that college men who really want to wrestle or play football should not have to forego the opportunity so women who don't really want to row can be dragooned into it. For whatever reason, and I tend to think it's biological, more young college men want to compete in sports than women. It's nuts to force university athletic departments to contort themselves to pretend otherwise. Everybody knows what goes on. It's not fair that a guy who would kill just to dress for a game, has no prayer of stepping foot on to even the practice field, while any woman in decent health can find a place on some team. Nobody is saying we should go back to when people laughed at the idea of women's basketball, but clearly some substantial move has to be made in the direction of matching opportunities to actual levels of interest. If the Department of Education can do that, they should.