The Right Coast

April 01, 2005
Sandy Berger, patriot and statesman
By Tom Smith

I am trying to remember-- Sandy Berger is a Democrat, right? So he is going to plead to stealing and destroying documents from the National Archives that cast the Clinton Administration's terrorism "policy" in a bad light. Well, no harm, no foul, I say.

I am so relieved the Justice Department decided to deal with Berger so, what is the word?, ah yes, professionally:

Berger friends regarded the agreement as fair, given the circumstances, and [Berger's lawyer Lanny] Breuer's statement praised the "professionalism" of the lawyers he worked with at the Justice Department.

After all, we're all professionals here. And stuffing documents in your socks is an intimate act, not something that should be judged by those outside of the man-apparel relationship.